The Center for World Trade Studies, Gadjah Mada University (PSPD UGM) is a multidisciplinary research institute under the auspices of Gadjah Mada University. Founded on March 3 2008, PSPD UGM actively studies developments in world trade issues from political economic, legal, socio-cultural and public policy aspects. PSPD UGM is committed to continuing to contribute to Indonesia's development by providing strategic recommendations based on critical studies for policy makers, the business sector, educational institutions, and related communities and society. Until now, PSPD UGM has been established as a place for researchers from various scientific disciplines to carry out research and publication activities, policy advocacy, and community service as part of knowledge dissemination.


To become a research center that excels in increasing the nation's competitiveness and developing a fair and sustainable trade ecosystem.


  1. Making PSPD UGM a reference center for trade research and policy
  2. Strengthen policy partnerships with various trade stakeholders at national and international levels
  3. Expanding the reach of trade policies to strengthen public engagement
  4. Strengthening human resource capacity in the trade sector


A. Dynamics and Governance of World Trade

  1. International Trade Negotiations
  2. Commodity Diplomacy

B. Strengthening International Competitiveness

  1. Value Chains in Trade 
  2. Internationalization of MSMEs and Entrepreneurship
  3. Strengthening Trade Resources and Innovation

C. Fair and Sustainable Trade

  1. Circular Economy 
  2. South-South Trade Cooperation