oikos Model WTO 2013: The Real Trade Simulation

Get involved in a one week simulation of WTO negotiations, meet trade experts and students from all over the world. Interested? Become a Delegate now!

Week Details:
14th – 19th of April 2013
4 Days at St. Gallen University and two days at the WTO in Geneva.

Deadline 31st of December 2012

The oikos Model WTO provides an opportunity for future decisionmakers to face important global issues in the simulation framework of the WTO ministerial negotiations. Every year since 1997, students from around the world have been invited to Switzerland to debate and exchange creative ideas in the realistic context of the World Trade Organisation.

A multiplicity of cultures and interests is ensured through the participation of ten countries. Students represent nations by groups of six delegates. Each of them takes part in one committee. In total, six committees will engage students to actively debate on trade related issues through various perspectives. While delegates defend their national interests, two chairpersons in every committee try to lead them to an agreement. These key participants have received specific training at the University of St. Gallen before the negotiations.

The oikos Model WTO offers a unique experience for students to get involved in a high-level training and benefit from the expertise of WTO professionals. The diversity of opinions reflected by students coming from various continents and distinct backgrounds provides an exceptional environment to actively exchange and rethink the role of international institutions such as the WTO in the global transition towards sustainable development.

For further information and online application please visit www.model-wto.org

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