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Call for Posters

We are inviting 100 posters from students, scholars, and professionals to submit their posters related with the theme. 

The posters should be:

 Written in Bahasa Indonesia with concise and understandable words for public exposure.

 The content is either from:

  1. Supposed to be a result of author(s) recent or previous research (undergraduate thesis, master thesis, or any other projectts). 

  2. Book chapter/report/similar publication from other author(s) but credited in the poster.

 Designed in A3 and PNG. format (CMYK).

The poster must include CEF 2023 and PSPD-CWTS UGM logo (these logo are  available in this link).

 Following the below template for posters according to point 2.2.1:

  1. Title. 

  2. Names of the authors. 

  3. Introduction. The introduction should contain, at least, clearly written research questions and rationale on why these questions are important. It should also inform the readers about the hypothesis or arguments 

  4. Method. Elaborates briefly on how the research collects and analyses data.

  5. Results and analysis. In this section, the authors should detailedly elaborate their research findings. This elaboration should be able to answer the proposed research questions stated in the Introduction.

  6. Conclusion. This section should summarise the manuscripts and rearticulate the analysis

2.6. For posters according to point 2.2.2, the format is up to the creator.

Submitted posters are going to be exhibited at Pasar Komunitas 1-3 December 2023. Further promotion of the poster will be uploaded in the CWTS IG alongside with the author(s) profile.


Call for Paper


25 August

Abstract deadline 

26 September

Abstract Announcement

2 October 

Payment Deadline

31 October

Final manuscript submission

25 November 

Conference & presentation


2-3 December

Call for Posters

Initial announcement

21 August

Poster deadline

31 October

Recheck and selection (if more than 100 posters)

1 - 5 November

Announcement to be exhibited

6 November

Revision deadline

13 November

Printing posters

14 - 31 November

Exhibition in Pasar Komunitas

2 December

3 December

Call for Paper:

We are inviting students, scholars, professionals to be part of our event to submit their abstract in accordance with those themes mentioned. Only selected abstracts have to finish their final manuscript and will have the benefit as follows:

  1. Invitation to attend two events: KNPEB on November 2023 and IWPR on 3 December 2023:

    1. To submit abstract, authors must contributes IDR 50.000 as registration fee.

    2. Maximum 40 selected abstracts have the opportunity to be attendee in both events. 10 selected abstracts are invited as speaker at IWPR and other 30 are allocated to be speaker at follow-up of KNPEB follow-up presentation session on 2 December 2023.

    3. Selected abstracts will be asked for contribution IDR 300.000 for students and 500.000 for non-students.

    4. We will send the notification through email right after the announcement of selected abstracts, which consists of:

      1. invitation letter, 

      2. deadline payment, and 

      3. consent form for the authors to publish their manuscript in JWTS.

  1. Opportunity to publish in Journal of World Trade Studies (JWTS).

    1. The final manuscript is submitted through JWTS OJS system at the due date; thus, the authors are obliged to register a new account in this link.

  1. Promotion of the author(s) profile as global trade promising scholar and their submitted paper at CWTS IG.

Author guideline:

1.1. Abstract:

 The abstract is 150-200 words long and, if possible, written in both English and Indonesian. It should, at least, inform the readers about the general description of the manuscripts as well as their aims, methodology, and key findings. The abstract should be complemented with 3-5 appropriate keywords.  

1.2 Manuscript:

Selected abstracts are going to submit their full manuscript, according to JWTS guidelines as follows:         

  1. Written in American or British English. 

  2. The manuscripts should be 6.000-8.000 words long, including references, footnotes, tables, figures, captions, and appendices. 

  3. Written in Times New Roman pts 12 and 1.5 line spacing on A4 papers.

  4. Submitted in Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format file (.rtf).

  5. The manuscripts should be organised according to the following template. Explained details are available in Publication Ethics and Manuscript Guidelines. The template can be downloaded here: Download

Ttemplate abstract in this link