We aspire to be a center of world trade studies and research dedicated towards national competitiveness. The missions are two-fold:

  • A research center for the studies of world trade dynamics and WTO.
  • An institute for learning, training and consultancy in world trade dynamics and WTO.

With such vision and mission, the center aims to develop a nexus of research and learning activities, i.e. to:

  • Analyze the procedures, policies and problematiques of world trade and WTO by assessing trade related aspects in technology development, product standardization and patent to upgrade competitiveness of Indonesia’s products and services.
  • Improve educational quality by integrating research outcomes and findings with the existing learning and teaching activities.
  • Conduct consultation and training for government officials and private practitioners in international trade and to devise trade negotiators with concepts and substances in international trade fore and WTO.
  • Cooperate and build networks with relevant and related institutions/institutes in world trade and WTO.