The World Trade Locating Us
Initiated by the consent and concerns among policy makers, practitioners and Universitas Gadjah Mada academia on trends of unequal exchanges resulted from the current practices in international trade, the Center for World Trade Studies focuses the study of world trade (and its focal establishment: the World Trade Organization/WTO) as an arena where asymmetrical relations in trade correlate to other aspects in political, legal, socio-cultural life and various public sectors, such as education, health services, food and agriculture, information technology, etc. Despite its main tasks to harmonize trade practices and implement non-discriminatory principles, WTO is an indivisible institution dealing with those unequal exchanges –as some would also believe that WTO itself is indeed identical to those asymmetrical exchanges. The center is thus designed to develop critical investigation on a variety of trends in global trade. It expects to provide relevant government officials, the public, trade academia and practitioners with inputs and recommendation to anticipate issues, challenges as well as opportunities in such dynamic trends in the world trade.