What is EPIC?

EPIC stands for “Empowering Perspectives on International Commerce’”, formerly known as the World Trade Model Community (WTMC). We are a community that serves as a dedicated forum for students to learn and discuss over global trade issue ranging from various economic sector by using different perspectives.

EPIC is a student organization of the Center World Trade Studies (CWTS) Universitas Gadjah Mada. EPIC receives a fully support from CWTS UGM. EPIC program activities aim to become a platform for academics, especially students who have specific interest related to global trade, as well as to help them gain more knowledge, strengthen capabilities and expand their networks.

Background of EPIC?

EPIC was established on December 22, 2013. Previously, most of the members coming from the graduate program of International Relations student. However, as the development, EPIC had welcomed more members from all kinds of background studies (multidisciplinary) and bring experts from various disciplines who are actively involved in discussions. Thus, EPIC activities are expected to bring a different perspective and presenting a more lively and comprehensive studies.

The main goal of EPIC is to raise awareness among academicians and business player about international trade and preparing to build the capacity of international trade diplomacy.

So, what are the activities EPIC?

We welcome all academicians to actively getting involved in our activities, e.g.

1) Weekly discussion (every Friday starts from 3 pm)

2) Monthly Discussion (incidental)

3) Field Trip

4) Mini Research

5) Movie Screening