Graduate Program in International Relations (IR) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada opened since 2002 and was founded by the Department of International Relations. At first, Graduate Program in IR intended as a program of advanced study in the field of diplomacy, foreign policy, and international political economy. As a theme in the study of international relations, the focus of the field of diplomacy and foreign policy continues to change in line with developments in the world of international political economy. Studies on diplomacy, contemporary global issues, global political economy, international regimes, in the perspective of global politics and foreign policy, designed in accordance with the changes and developments contained in international relations, such as international political economy, international law, and issues low-politicslainnya. Therefore, Graduate Program in IR is designed to understand the interrelationships between the various fields in the world of diplomacy and foreign policy.

PSPD UGM cooperation with Graduate Program in IR began in 2012 when a special programs Global Trade Diplomacy (GTD) established. GTD focused on the study of international trade is cross-diciplinary and developed within the framework of the WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) UGM Indonesia. Aside from the faculty of International Relations, the program supported by a number of faculty from a variety of educational backgrounds and professions, among others, the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Business.

Cooperation between PSPD UGM and Graduate Program in IR is in the scope of curriculum development, seminars, public lectures and research.

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