Journal CWTS Vol. 4 No. 1, 2013: Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Trade Relations at the Regional Level

In this issue, the Journal of the World Studies presents five selected articles focusing on the dispute settlement mechanism under the global trading system and salient issues relating to trade relations at the regional level. Topics related to the global trading system analysed in this edition, include the dispute between the US and China and […]

Value Chains Governance in Indonesia’s Extractive and Natural Resources Export Commodities: Policy Notes on Its Upgrading and Diversification Endeavors

Working Paper 2013 The paper attempts to map out the governance of regional and global value chains of top ten Indonesia’s export commodities in an effort to annotate its upgrading and diversification endeavors. Dominated by natural resources commodities and extractive industries (such as oil and gas, coal, copper and other minerals, palm oil, rubber and […]