Notulensi Diskusi Mingguan 1 April 2011Notulensi Diskusi Mingguan 1 April 2011

Review of documantary movie  “PORTRAITS TAIWAN: Chen Wen-Yu”

This film gives an overview of marketing management in which Chen Wen-Yu is able to synergize between subsystems in agribusiness as well. Subsystem is the subsystem upstream (seed), a subsystem on farm (watermelon), downstream subsystem (trade system) and supporting institutions (government). Historically, the plant is not the watermelon comes from Taiwan, but eventually could be cultivated properly even able to make Taiwan one of the exporters of watermelon. It starts from a strong desire Chen Wen-Yu to assist farmers in order to enjoy the produce to become prosperous and consumers can feel good and healthy fruit. Learning from the experience of frequent storms Chen Wen-Yu made ​​efforts to obtain seed that can grow well even in a storm so as to reduce the risk of crop failure. Good seed can produce good fruit. Farmers will benefit from the sale of good fruit. The selection of horticultural commodities, the watermelon, because according to climatic conditions that is expected to strengthen Taiwan’s economy. Effort and perseverance Chen Wen-Yu to promote agriculture in the country received support from the Taiwan government’s Watermelon Festival with the holding of the public to learn more about commodities.

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